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Right-of-Way Policies & Permits

Right of Way Permit Desk

899 Dale Street North
Saint Paul, MN  55103-1512

Ph: (651) 266-6151
Fx: (651) 266-9765
Right of Way Permits (ROW) are required when there is an obstruction or work is being done in the public right of way.  The public right of way includes streets, sidewalks, alleys and other rights of way dedicated to public use.

Each type of ROW permit required by the city of Saint Paul is found on one of the navigation bars on the left side of this page.  Permit applications may be submitted in person, by mail, by fax or by e-mail.

Permits will not be issued until all required information has been received including, original signatures, proof of insurance, and payment of permit fees.  Payment of permit fees may be by debit or credit card, business check or cash.   

What is the public right of way?

What follows below is a list of links to pages that include the policies that guide the issuance of ROW permits by the Right of Way Permit Service Desk

Arterial Collector Street Detour Policy  

Areaway Policy 

Utility Plan Construction Requirements Policy

Erosion Control Policy

Grace Period Matrix

ROW Permits in Historic Preservation Districts

Permit Fee Resolution

Pavement Marking Restoration Policy

Standard Specifications for Street Openings

Tree Preservation Policy in the ROW

Temporary Pedestrian Access Route Policy

Temporary Traffic Control Device Removal Policy

Additional Notes:

"Excavation Permits" include Geoprobes, House Service Connection, Joint Sewer Permit, Monitor Well, Sewer, Utility Company Use of Right of Way, Tree Trench Restoration.

A PLAN REVIEW must be approved before any Utility Company Excavations may be requested.

"Obstruction Permits" include Dumpster, Food Cart, Full Block Use, Hoisting, Meter Hooding, Parking Lane Use, Scaffolding, Sidewalk Use, Sidewalk Cafe, Special Events, Storage Pods, Traffic & Bike Lane Use, Utility Company Use of Right of Way, Valet Parking.

"Transportation Permits" are only required for oversize equipment or overweight vehicles.

  Office Location - 
View a Map showing showing the Right of Way Division office location.   

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